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We are delighted to present the esteemed Personalized Therapeutics Study, an exceptional amalgamation of pharmacogenomics and the pioneering Personalized Therapeutics Clinic (PTC) at UChicago Medicine. This groundbreaking endeavor offers participants a unique opportunity to undergo comprehensive genetic testing, followed by an exhaustive analysis to discern potentially-adverse drug-drug interactions (DDIs) and drug-gene interactions (DGIs). This invaluable knowledge empowers patients with informed decisions concerning their treatment modalities.

Personalized Therapeutics Study 

Empowering Precision Medicine via Genetic Studies

Join our groundbreaking clinical study and witness firsthand how your genetics can revolutionize prescribing decisions. Our esteemed team of physicians will utilize this invaluable information to tailor treatments that ensure optimal outcomes, custom-fitted to your unique genetic makeup.

Fusing Genetic Research and Clinical Trial

As an esteemed clinical study, patients voluntarily participating in this initiative will be assigned randomly to one of three distinguished cohorts. Irrespective of their group assignment, all participants are eligible to avail themselves of genetic testing and virtual appointments with the Personalized Therapeutics Clinic (PTC) after a duration of nine months from enrollment.

We are enthusiastic to bestow the patients of UChicago Medicine with this unprecedented opportunity to foster a deeper comprehension and governance of their healthcare journey. Our aspiration is to elucidate prevailing prescription practices, evaluate the feasibility of the personalized therapeutics clinic, and ultimately mitigate potential hazards arising from potentially-adverse drug-drug interactions (DDIs) and drug-gene interactions (DGIs)

Controlled Group

Patients continue with regular care under the guidance of their attending physicians, with no genotyping or engagement with the PTC.

Partial Intervention Group

Patients receive regular care but have the privilege of attending virtual appointments with the PTC, without genotyping.

Full Intervention Group

 Patients receive regular care, undergo DNA genotyping, and benefit from virtual appointments with the PTC.

Patient-Specific Pharmacogenomics Portal

Dedicated to a data-driven approach, we proudly endorse the Genomic Prescribing System (GPS), an innovative technology that has already achieved remarkable success in diverse initiatives such as the 1200 Patients Project, the ACCOuNT Project, ImPreSS Trial, and PhOCus Trial. Furthermore, we are pleased to announce the inclusion of Personalized Therapeutics Clinic, also known as PROTECT-Rx Trial, into this prestigious roster of commendable achievements.


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Clinical Trials

Unveiling the Connection between Genes and Drug Response

Our mission is to explore the potential benefits of a consultation with our cutting-edge Personalized Therapeutics Clinic (PTC). By delving into your genetic makeup, we aim to lower the risk of side effects (drug-drug interactions and drug-gene interactions) associated with multiple medications. Moreover, our esteemed team of doctors will utilize this valuable genetic information to enhance prescribing decisions, ensuring optimal outcomes for our participants. This clinical study offers you the opportunity to gain new insights into your health and receive personalized prescribing advice. Join us on this transformative journey, and be part of this study for approximately 9 months as we unravel the power of personalized medicine.


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Join us on this remarkable journey as we continue to revolutionize personalized therapeutics.



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