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The Center for Personalized Therapeutics (CPT) stands as a pioneering institution, dedicated to translating genomic discoveries into tangible enhancements in patient care. Discover the strides we’re making in reshaping healthcare through the seamless integration of genomics and medicine.




Bridging Genomic Research and Clinical Care.

By facilitating the prompt, accessible, and comprehensible delivery of pharmacogenomic information to physicians, CPT has taken the lead in bridging the gap between genomics and medical practice. Delve into the intricacies of our projects and collaborations that collectively shape the future of patient care.


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Customized Healthcare that Suits Your Genetics 

Regardless of the group to which patients are assigned, everyone have the benefit of being offered genetic testing and PTC virtual appointments after the study. Everyone’s genome is unique, and we are excited to present the patients of UChicago Medicine with this opportunity to better understand and govern their healthcare. By providing this study to our patients, we hope to better understand current prescribing practices, identify the convenience of a personalized therapeutics clinic, and ultimately decrease potentially-dangerous DDIs and DGIs.


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