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ACCOuNT: African American Cardiovascular pharmacogenetics CONsorTium


The African-American Cardiovascular Pharmacogenomics Consortium (ACCOuNT) is an NIH-supported, multi-institutional group of physicians, researchers, and patients whose goal is to reduce disparity in precision medicine, particularly for African-Americans. The ACCOuNT Translational project aims to explore the feasibility of implementing preemptive pharmacogenomic result delivery for African-Americans in the inpatient setting across multiple institutions. The ACCOuNT Translational project is led by principal investigator Dr. Peter O’Donnell (University of Chicago) and site leads Drs. Kevin O’Leary (Northwestern University) and Edith Nutescu (University of Illinois at Chicago). Additionally, the ACCOuNT Translational project is supported by the Center for Personalized Therapeutics and other members of ACCOuNT.
The specific aims of the Translational project are:

1. Incorporate race-specific SNPs and recommendations into the GPS
2. Create a cohort of African-American patients receiving inpatient care using the GPS
3. Assess race-specific recommendations via the GPS in consortium institutions

Self-identified African-American patients who enroll in the ACCOuNT Translational project provide a blood sample which is sent to the Center for Personalized Therapeutics’ CLIA-certified laboratory for genotyping. Genotyping results and clinical decision support are made available within the Genomic Prescribing System (GPS). Providers who staff inpatient services (physicians, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants) are eligible to enroll for the ACCOuNT Translational project and access patient genotyping results and pharmacogenomic recommendations via the GPS. Each hospital admission at which a preemptively genotyped patient is treated by an enrolled provider is evaluated. Data captured includes provider use of the GPS, as well medications prescribed or administered during the course of the admission. The primary outcome of interest is frequency of GPS use by study providers.

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