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Center for Personalized Therapeutics

By making pharmacogenomic information prompt, accessible, and understandable for physicians, The Center for Personalized Therapeutics (CPT) leads the way in translating genomic discovery to improve care for patients.

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In 2000 the first draft sequence of the human genome was released, and widespread use of techniques to implement and translate such genomic knowledge was slow to be adopted by the medical community.  In 2009, the future leadership of the CPT felt that there was a critical mass of information regarding the association of individual genetic variability with drug-related adverse event and response outcomes and therefore established the Center.

The Center embarked on its first project in 2011, the 1200 Patients Project, which uses a preemptive medical system model that reduces the use of high risk medications. Later, the CPT established the ACCOuNT Project, the Impress Trial, the PhOCus Trial, and the PROTECT-Rx trial.


CPT leads exceptional research on translational genomic discoveries and pharmocogenomics. 


CPT conducts clinical trials in diverse medical fields, including perioperative, oncology, in-patient, out-patient, and beyond.

Training & Career

CPT offers opportunities for undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral trainees. 


CPT partners with other departments and specialties to advance our understanding of the human genome.

Translating Genomic Discovery to Therapeutics

A word from the deputy director of Center for Personalized Therapeutics. Dr. Ratain talks about the program and how it is leading the field of clinical pharmacogenomics research and implementation.

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Our faculty

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Leader in personalized Therapeutics

We are a leading center in the field of personalized therapeutics, aiming to translate genomic discovery into results that will improve care for for patients. Our center has three completed and four ongoing projects. With 529 providers enrolled in our studies, CPT strives to make pharmacogenomic information available across multiple specialties.

Total providers enrolled in the US


Providers enrolled in the ACCOuNT Project

Providers enrolled in the ImPreSS Trial

OUr Goal

One of the key goals of the Center is to develop systems for efficient collection, storage, and clinical application of genetic data and to train physicians in the use of personalized genetic information as tools in patient care. We hope this can help identify the patients most likely to respond to, or be harmed by, specific therapies.


Current CPT research focuses on the evaluation and application of pharmacogenomics  information in the context of clinical trials at all phases of drug development.


In the near future, the Center plans to expand the availability of pre-emptive clinical testing for use in additional patient populations at a variety of institutions around the country.  The ultimate goal of the Center is to develop innovative, personalized and effective therapies for all patients, and promote the use of genetic testing to develop personalized treatment plans.


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Our Latest Projects

The Center of Personalized Therapeutics has completed three projects, including the 1200 Patients Project, ACCoUNT Project, ImPreSS Trial and PhOCus Trial. CPT is working on Chablis Project, PTC Project, Diversity Studies, and Pharmacoeconomics. 📌Maybe make this sound a little bit more exiting? 

1200patientsproject(colored)<br />

The 1200 Patients Project

Piloting the use of pharmacogenomics in routine medical care.

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ACCOuNT Project

Examining pharmacogenomic implementation in the context of minority health disparities. 

PhOCus Trial

Studying pharmacogenomic testing in Oncology care

The Impress Trial

Implementing pharmacogenomic testing in anesthesia and perioperative medicine.


Longitudinal research to promote healthy aging behaviors.

PTC Project

An effort to expand access to personalized therapeutic consultations to high risk patients.

Diversity Studies

Consult Dr. Loren Saulsberry or Andre Hall (CRC) 


Addressing the importance of optimal dosing of anticancer agents.

Exceptional Training & Career opportunities

Undergraduate Opportunities

The Collegiate Translational Medicine Program (CTMP) is a mentored, clinically-oriented translational research experience for undergraduates, offering training in translational research by exposure and immersion into specific research projects currently being conducted in the Department of Medicine. 

Career Opportunities

If you are interested in becoming a faculty of Center for Personalized Therapeutics, please apply to the Pharmacogenomic Implementation Science department in University of Chicago. _______ 📌

Research Fellowship

The Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacogenomics (CCPP) Training Program is sponsored in part by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) along with the University of Chicago Biological Sciences Division and the University of Chicago Cancer Research Foundation Women’s Board.

Fellowship Training

The University of Chicago Medicine and the Pritzker School of Medicine are dedicated to inspiring students and trainees of exceptional promise and preparing them to become the leading physicians, scientists, researchers, and educators of tomorrow. 

From Our Faculty 

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Dr. Peter O'Donnell, MD

Deputy Director, Center for Personalized Therapeutics, The University of Chicago

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Mark J. Ratain, MD

Professor of Medicine, Director, Center for Personalized Therapeutics | Associate Director for Clinical Sciences, Comprehensive Cancer Center, The University of Chicago

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Thomas Chen, MD, PharmD

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Section of Hospital Medicine, Committee on Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacogenomics, The University of Chicago | Hospitalist Champion, Center for Personalized Therapeutics

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