1200 Patients Project

Individualizing Medications

Genetic information can potentially be incorporated into the decision-making process when prescribing medications as a way to individualize therapies. Through the advance of scientific technology, medical researchers and physicians now have the ability to rapidly and accurately determine millions of pieces of genetic information for individuals who choose to be tested.

Personalized Medical Care

Our research could help develop a new medical system model for personalized medical care. Our project will determine the genetic information of a patient and—with the patient’s permission—make it available to his or her physician during a clinic visit. We hope this information will allow physicians to make patient-specific treatment decisions.

Finding the Right Medication and Dose

The type of information gleaned from this study could allow physicians to pre-identify their patients who are most likely to experience severe side effects from medications, or to predict which of their patients might require alternative dosing. It could also prove beneficial by identifying those patients who are most likely to respond to a given medication.

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